8 april 2019


All of our bags are produced in the Far East. In 2007 Eurobag built a local plant entirely in line with EU requirements. Over 600 people work at the BSCI-proof plant that meets all corporate responsibly standards. All plants that produce bags for Eurobag now meet the same standards.


Eurobag is REACH-registered. REACH stands for Registration, Evaluation, Authorization and Restriction of Chemical substances. Under REACH all businesses in the supply chain of a chemical substance are responsible for its safe use, limiting risks to man’s health and the environment.


Our plants are selected for their labour condition standards. In time, all plants producing Eurobag goods must be fitted at the level of the BSCI-proof plant. BSCI stands for Business Social Compliance Initiative and is a platform for businesses to improve labour conditions and meeting social obligations in the global production chain.